How to Add Service Categories

After you create your service provider profile, you will have to assign all the service categories that you want to provide (as part of the registration process.
But in case that you want to add, remove or arrange all the service categories for your profile, you will need to do the following: 

Click on the ‘manage categories’ and follow the self explanatory options like:

1. type the search button and add all the addition categories that you want to include in your profile.

2. Sliding to the left on each category that already assigned to your profile will allow you to remove it from your profile.


Remove categories from your profile.

Slide all the way to the left the category that you wish to remove from your profile. at the end of the sliding… the category will be removed from the list of categories.


you will need to repeat that for each of the categories that you want to remove from your profile.


Helper & General categories - What and How...

If you would like to provide help to consumers that need HELP in anything….(doesn’t need to be specific topic)

When consumer will ask for help… than your profile will appear in the results (while you Checked In and not busy on another work)

General is a category that is self explanatory. This category is for anything that is not specific topic OR when consumer can’t see the category of service that he is looking for.

NOTE: the chances are that you will get may service requests with this category of service. 

The End…

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