3 New features that will best fit your needs

The NEW ReadyB mobile application comes with 3 new features that were designed and implemented for PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANIES, REALTORS OR EVEN PEOPLE OWN MORE THAN 1 PROPERTY that need to separate all the expenses of the properties from the rest of their expenses.

  • Last Chance Offer for Quotes
  • Multi Locations/Addresses
  • Multi Credit Cards For Separate Payments


At ReadyB we know that it will be more productive to be able to assign different credit cards to each of the properties that are being managed OR owned. 

When adding a new address… either assign an existing credit card OR add another one to your profile. This related credit card, will be the payment method for any service that you will request for that address.


Last chance is a GREAT option to get the right price for the right service!

The ability to use this feature IS when The service provider accepts the service request and submits his price for approval. When you ‘REJECT’ the quote…. the app will present you the ‘LAST CHANCE OFFER’. you will then get the ability to ask the service provider to do the service for a different price than they offered originally.

If the service provider ACCEPTS the offer…. then the work will be performed at that price.

If the service provider does not accept the offer… then you will have to select a different service provider for his/her quote.


ReadyB allows you to add as many addresses/locations to your profile. Each address/location can be linked to a different credit card information. 

when you need to have a service of any kind at this location…. The ReadyB app will collect the payment AT THE END OF THE SERVICE from that assigned credit card.

Now you will be able to separate your properties’ expenses from all your other expenses and to run your business more Effectively and efficiently.