What ReadyB can do for you?

How can you earn with ReadyB?

Your time is valuable.  Your SKILL is a gift.  We created ReadyB to enable you to HIRED or BE HIRED by anyone.

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Your benefits as a consumer

  • You negotiate a fair price
  • Unlimited SERVICES/SKILLS to select from
  • You HIRE someone from your community
  • You hire for any SERVICE/SKILL you need
  • You select the best provider based on their background check & reviews
  • You can hire for multiple locations worldwide
  • It takes a few seconds to register

Your benefits as a service provider

  • Be your own boss
  • Work anytime you want
  • Work anywhere you want
  • Share your skill with others; if you are licensed, it’s a bonus
  • Chat directly with your customer
  • Provide a fair price estimate and negotiate with your customer
  • Accept or reject any job
  • Get paid the same day
  • It takes a few minutes to register

Why ReadyB?

ONE global App to HIRE or BE HIRED within your community, anytime, anywhere.

  • SECURE: for the provider and the consumer
  • 2 in 1: one app enables you to hire or be hired 
  • COMMUNITY: you are helping your community by reaching out with a hand-up when it is needed
  • SHARE: you and your community have skills that have a value
  • INCOME: your time and skill are valuable. Negotiate your value and get paid directly
  • REVIEWS: both the provider and consumer can provide feedback on a uniquely patented review process
  • SERVICE: the number of services listed are unlimited and continue to grow 

Real People, Real Reviews

  • ReadyB developed a unique mechanism for commenting which guarantees real reviews (we even have a patent on it!)
  • Reviews can be provided ONLY when the service is complete!
  • Both consumers & service providers can leave a review on each other.


  • ReadyB performs background checks on everyone who joins the platform (10 year historical civil & criminal review and it is valid for 6 months)
  • All payment transfers are made through the platform – avoids fraud and assures completion of services provided
  • Payment will be rendered to the service provider AFTER both sides confirm successful completion of the service by signing the app

Thousands of SKILLS/SERVICES are currently available.

and the list is growing rapidly...

ReadyB registration screen

Register and HIRE or be HIRED!


GIVE to others in YOUR COMMUNITY by sharing your skill – become a SERVICE PROVIDER


HELP others in YOUR COMMUNITY by hiring them – become a CONSUMER