ReadyB will donate 1% of profits to your neighborhood business.

Thank you for your interest in supporting this business.

We are all having money difficulties these days and no matter what we do… it is still hard to catch up with all the current bills and COVID-19 regulations and laws.

We at ReadyB decided to take the best out of this horrible time and to try to help from our side. what we mean is that ReadyB is a family where anyone helps anyone.

ReadyB was created with a vision to help people near us by providing skills and services that we are good at and at a reasonable price so we can make a living while the other party can afford the expense.

By saying that… We decided to give part of our commission to the business that each one want to provide their appreciation and the best appreciation these time…. is with actual money.

ReadyB will pay to your selected business EACH week by either a check, PayPal or Venmo a fixed percentage from ReadyB earnings.

what does it means…

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ReadyB takes a certain percentage from each service that is provided within the platform... (from the service provider side ONLY)

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From that percentage... we will pay your selected business a total of 1% - directly to their selected choice.

FireDepartment-Hive with Bee

Payments will be done by a weekly basis

FireDepartment-Hive with Bee

The business will not need to pay ANYTHING - its a completely give back on your behalf via ReadyB.

Input this code during the registration when you see: Organization/Referred by

ReadyB will do the rest…