What does it mean???

We wanted to expand the range of working areas for all of the Skilled & service providers and we thought what can we do in order to allow anyone to expand his/her earnings and to provide service NO MATTER where they are around the world.

The way that ReadyB works is by defining the distance that they want to work and from where.

in order to make money and provide service around you… follow the screens below and start making money even when you far from home or your area.

Step 1- click on Distance Preference

Select and click on the option of Distance Preferences

Step 1- Select the option of 'Distance from current location

  1. Select the distance range of how far you are willing to drive or even walk for any service.
  2. Make sure to check ‘Distance from current location.
  3. Click ‘SAVE’

From now on…. Each time that you check in, your profile will be available for anyone who is searching for a skilled/professional person like yourself  NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE AROUND THE WORLD.

Background Check

While we will keep adding more and more countries for the background check process… at this time, only USA residents can apply for a background check. 

We will update here for any new country when they are added to the ReadyB app.