Do you own or manage a property that needs a service or skilled professional?

When you own several houses, buildings or even apartments, especially if  any of them are not close to you, the problem inevitably arises when one of them will need a  service RIGHT NOW such as: electrical problems, plumbing, gardening and more…

in any of these cases, typically you will:

  • Contact the person who typically takes care of it for you.


  • Ask your tenant to find someone who can fix that problem right now.

Having someone else take care of repairs on your property can be more costly.

  • The price that you will pay will be much higher
  • It will not be easy to find the right Professional  who can fix it
  • long waiting time
  • You may not find someone who can come over right away no matter what the time of day it is

or in short…. you lose control over your spending!

Nobody can afford to spend Wasted Money!


from time to time you may show up at one of your listings and you see that there is something that needs to be taken care of right away.

Waiting to have it repaired may effect a buyer’s interest  in submitting an offer.

having the ability to find someone in less than 5 minutes means that your listing will have a better showing and increase your reputation by increasing the chances to either sell or rent that particular property.


This is why ReadyB is the BEST solution for you....

Add each of your properties

with just a few steps….. you can assign ALL your properties to your customer profile. you can add as many addresses as you want (any address around the world).
when you request a new service, then all you will need to do is to select that address from your list.


ReadyB - Address List
ReadyB - Add new address

Assign payment per property

when you add a NEW ADDRESS, you will have 2 options for assigning a credit card:
  1. Add a new credit card that will be assigned to this address  ( you will be able to assign it to other addresses as well)
  2. leave it blank and ReadyB will use the primary credit card that is already assigned to your profile.
by  adding all of your houses, properties and apartments, readyB will separate your expenses from all the other personal services.  readyB will make managing your properties easier!   each invoice will indicate the relevant information for Each service that was performed related to that address. the invoice will also include how it was paid (the last 4 digits of the relevant credit card)
ReadyB Switch profiles
ReadyB - Safety rules of ReadyB