Ready B - ID Card


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ReadyB is a platform that connects people looking for service providers with highly reviewed, insured and verified local professionals. We provide ID cards in order to verify our service providers portfolios,verifications on their profile, and see ratings and reviews on tasks they’ve previously completely. The importance of ID cards is to increase trust by providing a visual identification of our service providers.

Why to apply for ID Card?

ReadyB service provider ID cards are used to help increase safety and security for those interested in hiring a service provider. We work hand on protecting our customers by creating a reliable platform that filters out scammers. Readyb understands that there can be potential accidents and incidents, but we strive to minimize those as much as we can. When scanning the QR code on the cards, the customer will be able to see your ReadyB profile and verify that you are a reliable service provider.

Want to join?

Download the application form fill it up and send it back to readyB:
2337 Mulholland Dr. Suite 226 Woodland Hills, CA 91364