Credit Cards and Payments at ReadyB

ReadyB – DOES NOT store any Credit card information OR bank information (that is needed for direct deposits of any earnings that comes after each completion of any service).
Credit card information and Bank account information ARE stored on Stripe (better than PayPal) servers ONLY.
Credit cards will be charged ONLY after any service request has been done and for the amount that was approved by you to the service provider.
Service Provider:
You will be asked to add a Credit card ONLY when you request to run your background check OR when you want to order an ID card.
For payments related to services that you provided… we highly recommend you to link your bank account to your profile. By doing that, your payments will be made automatically 2-3 business days AFTER each completed service.
In case your profile DOESN’T have a bank account linked… your money will be stored UNDER your profile email address at Stripe.

The End…

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