How To Request A Service?

to Request a service from anyone near you, You will need to follow the steps Below… We worked hard to ensure that it’s as easy as 1,2,3…  with the maximum chances to hire the BEST person at the BEST price.  this will most likely be 30%-40% cheaper than All other traditional methods.

Select the address where you need the service.

Assign all the categories related to the service request.

Provide ANY information you can. This will help you get a reliable quote.

See who is AVAILABLE to do the work…. & click ‘HIRE ME’

Read the comments, price breakdown and decide what to do

Each service will be on this screen. SLIDE to the left to select any option

Watch the map and see how Close your service provider is to you

Inspect the completed work,
Click and sign when you are satisfied

Click ‘Notification’ and submit a review for the service provider.

Who Can Join?

Anyone can Join the ReadyB network for absolutely FREE. There are no monthly charges, No hidden payments. So when we say free-it’s free

What Services Can Anyone Get?

The readyB network currently has more than 6,000  different types of service categories. We are adding more and more service categories on a weekly basis Based on people’s requests.

In order to cover the unlimited service categories to the platform, we added the option of ‘GENERAL’. The General category will allow you to hire anyone for anything you want. So if you don’t see the category of the service you need…. Simply select GENERAL in the category section and most likely someone will do it.

Can Consumers Provide Services Too?

Absolutely YES! Any consumer can provide service and any service provider can be a consumer AND all of that in 1 single app! All you need to do is to select from the side menu the option of : Switch to Service Provider…

How Do Charges Work?

When you decide to hire someone and accept the price for the service, ReadyB will authorize the full amount of the quote. This doesn’t mean that You have been charged yet. We do this to prevent false requests for services. That amount will convert to a final charge oNLY after you sign on the ‘close service’ screen on the service provider’s mobile app.

ReadyB doesn’t charge any consumer for service fees. The accepted price that was approved by you – IS the final price that will be collected from your credit card.

Fees, Charges, Disputes & Credits

As you can clearly see – ReadyB is totally FREE for all consumers! – AND we guarantee that it will stay like this.

Background Check

As part of ReadyB’s mission to make it as safe as possible for everyone… We included the option to allow any member to perform a background check.  both consumers and service providers want to know that they are entering into a safe situation.  Your safety is our top priority.

After passing the background check, your profile will receive a Badge which will be presented to the potential service provider. From our experience, consumers that passed the background check  increased their chances to hire someone right away because as much as you (The consumer) wants to know who will come over to provide services….The Service provider wants to know the exact same thing.

The background check is being performed by our 3rd party (Checkr). they are linked directly to the ReadyB app.  the background check process can take anywhere from A few minutes to A few days to be completed. we at readyB are checking the highest level of background (10 years back) for civil, federal and more….

NONE of the information that is typed into the background check form (including the copy of driver’s license OR passport )  is stored anywhere in ReadyB.  aLL of that information is encrypted and transferred right away to Checkr for processing.

Each background check is valid for 180 days. At the end of this cycle, you will be able to do it again in order to keep the background check badge attached to your profile. 

In case you didn’t pass the background check, you will be able to try again after 30 days from the day of the results.


ReadyB - Safety rules of ReadyB