What is ReadyB

ReadyB is a unique application that offers ride sharing services. But it offers so much more than that, too! You can hire someone for their skills and services, in addition to ride sharing. Say you’re going grocery shopping but hate cooking your own meals. You can filter ReadyB to find a driver who also enjoys cooking. You can hire them to pick you up from the store, drive you home, and prepare a meal for you. Or maybe you’re picking up a dresser that needs to be assembled. Hire a driver to take you home from the store and then assemble the dresser for you.

If you can think of a service you need, the chances are high that someone on ReadyB provides that service. The best part is that you’ll be supporting someone who lives in your area. You’ll be “shopping locally.” But, what if not everything you have is local? Maybe you live in Tennessee but have a rental property in Hawaii. No problem. You can hire someone for any location. They’ll be local to the area where you hire them.

ReadyB is the first rideshare app that’s designed for both the consumer and the provider. If you’re looking for extra income, look no further. It only takes a few minutes to register. Once you’re on the platform, ReadyB allows you to set your own rates. You can advertise any type of service you want to offer and even make live video demonstrations to show customers what they’ll be getting. Plus, you’ll be paid on the same day you provide your services. 

Whether you’re a consumer looking for a service or a provider looking to work, ReadyB is the place for you. Download the app today to get started. 

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