Consumers can always use the filter to see ONLY the Service Providers that pass the background check BEFORE HIRING - SUPER Easy & Safe!

What's a background check?

ReadyB is an on-demand platform that is dedicated to finding the best Skilled/Professional service providers for almost any service anyone will ever need.
We encourage all skilled/professionals AND consumers to apply for a background check so EVERYONE will feel as comfortable as possible BEFORE HIRING or BEING HIRED ! Our customers have a lot to protect, which is why we aim to have our platform well-regulated.

We pride ourselves on trust and work hard to keep EVERYONE safe. Our background check 3rd party company is the biggest in the industry of background checks. They have the most accurate technology that provides the best background check, in which the applicant will receive the “PASSED” or “NOT PASSED” label and icon on their profile. 

We at ReadyB ALWAYS commit to continuously adding any and all security and safety measures to our network of service providers.  We improve and add many layers of verification that enhances the integrity of our systems.

Why should you apply for a background check?

Once you have passed ReadyB’s background check we will add the “Background Passed” badge to your profile. This will increase your trustability with potential customers who are reviewing your profile.  Once customers see this badge, it’s more likely that they will ask you for quotes and close the deal with you.

How can I apply?

Applying is simple.  In the ReadyB App you will see on the side menu an option called “BACKGROUND CHECK”.   Follow all of the instructions and fill in all of the information. Once that is done the app will automatically transfer your information for processing and checking. At the end of the process, You will be notified by SMS and email about the results AND your profile will get the “Pass”  label, INCLUDING a special icon to your profile.

Each background check is valid for 6 months from the day of submition. 

Anyone can have the 2 profiles (Consumer & Service Provider). The Background Check can be performed under either of them AND will be applied automatically for both . No need to get a background check PER profile.

ReadyB Switch profiles

Where is the personal information saved?

NONE of the personal and confidential information that is entered during the background check Is saved on the app OR anywhere else! the data is sent automatically via SSL channel (Secured Socket Layer) of 256 bit encrypted socket directly to Chekr (the 3rd party who performs and approves or declines all of the applications). 

How much does it cost to apply?

Because ReadyB is ordering the highest level of Civil and Criminal background check for the past 10 years for each applicant, the background check fee was set to $99 (USA check). 

for Other countries the price for the background check will vary.