Background Check

What's a background check?

ReadyB is a on-demand platform that is dedicated to find the best service providers for the job.
We encourage our professionals to apply for a background check so we can identify potential hiring risks for safety and security reasons.
Our customers have a lot to protect which is why we aim to have our platform well-regulated.
We pride ourselves on trust and work hard to keep homes safe. Our background check technology safely matches professionals with customers on a daily basis. ReadyB is committed to continuous improvement and that includes enhancing the integrity of our systems.

Why you should apply for background check?

Once passing ReadyB’s background check we will add the “Background Passed” bagged to your profile. This will increase your trustability in potential customers who are reviewing your profile, once customers will see this badge it’s more likely that costumers will ask you for quotes and close the deal with you.

How can I apply?

That’s simple, fill in the details in the form below and submit your application, once done we will send you a confirmation email and start your background check. once it done we will notify you and automatically add the “Background Check Pass” to your profile.

Ready to Start?

Download the application form fill it up and send it back to readyB:
2337 Mulholland Dr. Suite 226 Woodland Hills, CA 91364