Life Challenges with COVID-19​

Life Challenges with COVID-19

2020 has left many Americans facing unprecedented challenges. With an economic meltdown and still millions of people without #jobs, many are looking for new ways to generate an income to support themselves and their families.

Recently, the Trump administration launched a new ad campaign named, “Find Something New”, with the intention of helping unemployed Americans find new careers with a focus on vocational, technical jobs and trades. The intention here is good, but finding a new career and learning the skills needed to succeed takes time which most people don’t have.

The good news is, ReadyB© is here for you every step of the way. Our instant global marketplace is the perfect way to take your current skills and generate an income on your own schedule giving you the time to learn new skills for your new career. Once you have learned your new skill, feel free to provide it to consumers on ReadyB©.

As a way to keep the local economy moving, ReadyB© is offering “No Commission of Fees” on any service provided. Hire or Be Hired within 5 minutes. – no hidden prices, no unknown people to come over – everything is transparent and up front!



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